Be the Victor not the Victim as 84% of employees considers job changes in 2011

Manpower’s just released study shows 84% of American workers are open to considering a new position in 2011. This is both frightening and exciting! Exciting based on the opportunity to attract highly motivated and top performers and frightening in that most 2011 business objectives would be jeopardized if a firm was to lose key members of their team. Given this two-edged sword, it is critical you are proactive in your preparation and strategy.

Inc. Magazine noted the following Must Have’s employees are seeking:
1. Feel a sense of purpose in their work
2. Challenging and Achievable Goals
3. Recognition
4. Training and Development
5. Communication – feeling in the “loop”

Interestingly, these 5 areas can be successfully addressed via Organization initiatives or individually by a professional manager. The “magic” happens in organizations that support these initiatives corporately and when embraced by management members in the day-to-day work environment with team members.

To assist in addressing this critical time period and to accelerate overall organizational performance, Accountability Partners has developed two half-day workshops which complement each other in providing you the rallying points for your team around high impact organizational capabilities and constraints. Our workshop guides you in identifying both and provides the structure for creating action plans where your staff will find their sense of purpose and personal involvement. In the afternoon session you’ll also be guided through a process of uncovering your strengths and constraints as a leader, to improve your personal leadership effectiveness.

As staff members feel a sense of purpose in their contribution and understand their personal role in achieving these critical objectives, you will have succeeded in creating organizational advocates (retention) and valuable recruiters for the other 84% of employees!

Click here to see our Winter – Spring Workshop schedule being held in 22 cities throughout the United States.

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