Under-performing sales results?

Maybe it’s the economy. But it might be not having the right people in the right positions, focusing on the right things.

When sales come in under projections for several quarters in a row, you have a situation that requires addressing. The problem is, it isn’t always easy to understand what’s really going on. Here are some symptoms you might recognize:

1. Sales reps complaining about leads. Sales might feel they are not getting enough leads or that they are poor quality.  There are various possibilities:

  • Previous marketing techniques aren’t delivering  acceptable results anymore.
  • Your sales team may not be handling the sales process as effectively as they used to, or
  • New reps haven’t learned best practices
  • Or possibly it’s as simple as sales and marketing being unable to agree on what constitutes a qualified lead

2.      Sales representatives not using the collateral the marketing department creates.

  • Instead they create their own material, which takes time away from selling.
  • And if you have multiple sales reps, each creating their own marketing pieces, you can have a mess – inconsistent messages, sloppy materials, mixed-up branding.

3.  Arguments over what’s working (or not working!) 

If the sales and marketing departments keep their data in separate silos, you can’t track which lead generation methods result in sales. Without shared data, marketing’s purview extends only to the point at which they turn over a lead to sales. Meanwhile, sales can trace a lead through to closing, but has no idea what brought that lead in. As a result, you’re not able to direct marketing expenditures and resources to the most effective vehicles, which results in fewer leads and a higher cost of making sales.

When you need to resolve a problem with sales and marketing, it makes sense to step outside the company and get an unbiased view – someone who can help you get past the finger-pointing and give you real answers. Let us help you! Contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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