Need to Jumpstart Sales without Hiring a Full-Time Sales Expert?

Most startup and small businesses companies don’t have the luxury of hiring a full-time sales vice president or manager. Yet having that expertise can be the boost the company needs to grow – and to reach a point where it can hire a full-time sales manager. The solution? Rent a sales pro.

Crain’s Chicago Business shares the story of one company that did. Jupiterbay, a startup that provides interactive digital signage and kiosks, hired Accountability Partners’ J.R. Samples on a part-time basis to serve as the chief operating officer. Samples worked with Jupiterbay one or two days a week where he created the sales strategy and managed sales operations. As a result, the company’s sales doubled in six months.

Bringing in a part-time or temporary sales specialist can help small businesses and startups get the boost they need to build revenue. This approach avoids the costs that come with a full-time employee. Done right, the company can continue growing once the sales consultant puts a process in place and finishes the job. After J.R. completed his work for Jupiterbay, the company’s sales can continue to thrive for years to come based on the things he put in place.

Companies have a variety of options for engaging a sales expert on a part-time basis. Experts can coach for a few hours per month, call in once or twice a week, help a couple of days per week or work on a month-to-month basis.

Working with a temporary sales consultant offers business owners a way to get the expertise they need that would otherwise take weeks or months to figure out their own. They also get a fresh perspective, save on tax contributions and benefits and have the flexibility to call the consultant on an as-needed basis.

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