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Need to Jumpstart Sales without Hiring a Full-Time Sales Expert?

Most startup and small businesses companies don’t have the luxury of hiring a full-time sales vice president or manager. Yet having that expertise can be the boost the company needs to grow – and to reach a point where it … Continue reading

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When to Hire a Sales Consultant

There are different reasons a company may hire a sales consultant, as Inc.’s “When to Hire a Sales Consultant” illustrates. The article shares the stories behind four companies’ decisions to hire a sales consultant and the different experiences that resulted. … Continue reading


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Under-performing sales results?

Maybe it’s the economy. But it might be not having the right people in the right positions, focusing on the right things. When sales come in under projections for several quarters in a row, you have a situation that requires … Continue reading

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Six Signs Your Company Is Growing Too Fast

Is your company experiencing rapid growth? One of the keys to keeping your company on track while you are growing quickly is to catch problems early and be aggressive about solving them. Here are some early warning signs to watch … Continue reading

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Jack Welch… on motivating staff

I like this statement from former GE leader Jack Welch, which was contributed during his appearance at the most recent Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit: “One of the jobs of a leader is to make guys like me feel 64, … Continue reading

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